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Dr. Pooper Scooper is the pet waste removal service of choice for all of New Jersey’s Sussex County. We service many of the local townships within the area, including:

• Andover
• Byram
• Branchville
• Frankford
• Franklin
• Green Township
• Hamburg
• Hardyston
• Hopatcong
• Lafayette
• Newton
• Stanhope
• Vernon

Contact us through our form below to inquire about our work or to schedule an appointment today. Be sure to schedule us early for spring cleanup, as melting snow can reveal much of the pet waste built up over the winter.
Dr. Pooper Scooper aims to be the best dog waste removal business in New Jersey, and we’d love to help keep every yard in our area clean of pet waste. If you’re considering dog poop removal services in Sussex County, fill out our contact form. We will contact you shortly.


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Call Dr. Pooper Scooper if you need a Pet Waste Removal Service in Sussex County, NJ.