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Dog Poop Clean Up Services

Any pet owner will tell you: too much dog poop on your yard can stick out over time and diminish your yard’s otherwise kempt appearance.

Dr. Pooper Scooper provides poop cleanup and dog waste removal services throughout Sussex, New Jersey and its surrounding areas. We typically charge $16 per visit, although this can change based on the number of dogs at a residence, or number of cleanup trips each week. We also have access to lawn care equipment for residents in the Sparta Township area who need their lawn cut as well!

If you live in Sussex, NJ or the surrounding areas, Dr. Pooper Scooper is the clean lawn team you need to make sure your dog’s business doesn’t become your neighbor’s business!

$16-$17 per visit based on weekly service only and number of dogs. Click here for contact information.

Spring Clean Up $45.00-$95.00